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Google Calendar redesign brings improvements to your materials

Google Calendar redesign brings improvements to your materials

Compared to other redesigns, Material You for Google Calendar is very simple, but the widgets benefit from user-friendly optimization.

The Google Calendar app bar, which has the day/date font on most views, is given a Dynamic Color theme. This also applies to the FAB navigation drawer and carousel, where the four-color “plus” sign has been omitted. Most Workspace mobile and web apps will make this change, but not all View with Google Notes.

Meanwhile, the new FAB format also applies to the actions Absent, Target, Remind, Task and Happened. This update also introduces an animation.

There is a big change in the calendar schedule widget where the top bar no longer displays the day and date. You only get the month, while the circle below shows the current date. There is now a plus sign in the upper right corner to quickly create an event. You can start typing after one click, which makes it a really useful shortcut.

The calendar month view also gets this shortcut where the main change is thicker lines and the blue accent of the widget’s background in a solid color disappears.

Google Calendar 2021.37.0 with material now released Via Play Store.