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Google Android 12: A quick overview of the new features

Google Android 12: A quick overview of the new features

Google Android 12 beta is now available. There are visual and functional innovations.

The basics are in brief

  • The search engine giant presented Android 12 at the Google I / O developer conference.
  • The OS is already available as a beta version and will be rolling out these days.

As part of the annual Keynote Google I / O One of the highlights was Google’s launch of Android 12. The trial version has been available for a few days and will initially be available for Google Pixel Rolled.

However, it might take some time before all Pixel users have access. Pixel 5 of’s editorial team is at least not yet authorized to participate in the beta program.

More variety of colors

“A more personal experience.” Google indicates a greater variety of colors and shapes. Hence, the Android 12 experience is “more expressive, dynamic and personal than ever”.

One interesting feature that this is intended for: if the user selects a new background image, the system will adjust the color Widgets Automatically.

For example, if the user chooses the picture with blue sky, the user interface elements and time information will automatically be colored blue.

Smoother service

Operating system handling will look smoother with Google Android 12. Specifically, there are more animations, sometimes just very subtle, appearing with every click.

Redesigned notification bar

Quick settings have also been revised. Settings have been rearranged and notifications made more “intuitive”.

Google Android 12: Privacy and Security

About two years ago, Google took the transparent path when it came to protecting data and privacy. The search giant continues this and promises to be more transparent than before.

In particular, the new “privacy dashboard” should be interesting: it shows the application, the quantity, and which application data Access.

Another nice feature: access to an app on the microphone or camera To, the corresponding icon appears at the top of the screen.

This means that the user can be sure not to be secretly spied on. Everyone who wanted this functionality should go to different chatting apps Google Play Store Access to available applications.

A full list of what’s new can be found on the Google Blog site.

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