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Golf: Wiesberger returns to the main demarcation site

Golf: Wiesberger returns to the main demarcation site


Bernd Weisberger is returning to the site of his first major golf tournament in the US PGA Championship that begins Thursday. In 2012, Burgenlander missed a single defeat on Kiawah Island on the Atlantic coast, this time with experience of 20 of these major tournaments.

The 2012 winner, Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland, is one of the top candidates again after his recent success after a prolonged drought on the highly demanding Ocean Course. Known as Kiawah Island, Wiesberger lives in a family environment and is accompanied by performance coach Stuart Morgan. With him and with technology coach Philip Dibouchere, he worked a lot on improvements at home before his last tournament series. The progression had no effect so far on the results, according to the environment of the 35-year-old.

Wiesberger ranked sixth on the European Tour in Dubai this year as only the top ten result and twice missed the high-quality US PGA Tour before finishing 40th in the Masters Tournament. But the longest track in a major tournament so far has to suit Austria’s best golfer.

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In 2012, Wiesberger debuted on Kiawah Island

Wiesberger loves hard places

“The tough tournaments usually fit my game, and hopefully we’ve turned the right screws in the last few weeks,” said Wiesberger. He achieved his best home position so far in 2014 at the PGA Championship in Louisville / Kentucky in 15th place.

McIlroy earned his fourth major title there as a young star the same year. At the age of 25, this was his last to date, first in the ranking waiting for the next seven years. Other contenders for the winning check of $ 1.98 million (€ 1.62 million) are world number one Dustin Johnson (USA / Masters 2020 winner) and Spain’s John Ram.