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Golf: A good photo equals a $ 1 million reward from PGA

Golf: A good photo equals a $ 1 million reward from PGA

As part of the Player Impact Program, players are evaluated positively on social media and their importance to sponsors and advertising partners. For this purpose, $ 40 million will be distributed to the 10 PGA players who will help create a positive image for the tour. The “most influential” professional in terms of image will be rewarded with $ 8 million, regardless of the prizes they win.

The program can be seen as a reaction to the plans being pursued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the “Premier Golf League”. In the Persian Gulf, an attempt will be made to lure the best players on the PGA Tour as well as the European Tour, which last weekend was at the Austrian Open in Atzenbrugg, Lower Austria, with a heavy financial commitment. Established tours want to counter this.

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Those who have put themselves in the spotlight through similar Instagram photos can take advantage of the added bonus

Woods is in the number one simulation

According to a report issued by “GulfWeek”, photo rewards are distributed according to five criteria. In addition to the level of popularity in Google search and engagement on social networks and other digital channels, Nielsen rankings for player branding, media appeal to the player, and associated reporting frequency are distributed across the entire media spectrum.

How the benchmarks could be reflected in real life was tested with a PGA Tour using simulations with values ​​from 2019. The result is not surprising: Two years ago, American superstar Tiger Woods, who is currently recovering from his near-fatal car accident at the end of February, was at the top of the list. They were followed by FedEx Cup 2019 winner Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland, Brooks Quebeca from the USA, who won the PGA Championship in 2019, and compatriots Phil Mickelson and Ricky Fowler.

Tiger Woods (USA)

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If it were simulations, the current Tiger Woods would be eight million dollars richer

‘An incentive for all’

For England’s Justin Rose, who ranked eighth in simulation behind young American superstar Jordan Speth and currently ranked world number one Dustin Johnson (USA), the lure of a PGA tour is understandable. The 2013 PGA Championship winner said: “I think it’s an incentive for everyone else, given the astronomical TV money nowadays and the fact that five or six players are basically the promoters of the tour.” And the better picture will be beneficial to all players. “The flood lifts all the ships,” said Rose.

According to experts, Spaniard John Ram and American Bresson Deschambo, who is currently particularly popular for his long discounts, will especially benefit from the new bonus this year. However, according to the PGA Tour, the list will not be published, unlike the world rankings or the FedEX Cup ranking. Austria’s only contribution to the tour at the moment, Vienna-born Sepp Stracha is still a little far behind the top ten in the photo category in one way or another. For the 27-year-old, it is currently all about sporting success. For example, at the Zurich Classic $ 7.4 million party in New Orleans, he’s currently on the show.