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Gold from Australia, Swiss Resource Capital AG, Press

Gold from Australia, Swiss Resource Capital AG, Press

Gold hunting in Australia is one of the biggest in history. There is still gold in Australia today.

It started in New South Wales and continues to this day. During that time, the gold rush changed a lot, and some gold diggers settled there. At the beginning of the gold hunt in Australia, most of the gold was discovered in 1851 in Victoria. Melbourne grew into a growing city. It was all like the California Gold Rush. After the discovery of the first gold nugget on January 24, 1848, thousands of people searched for the precious metal from 1848 to 1854. Then hundreds of thousands came to California, so San Francisco grew enormously.

But life was not easy, only a few became really rich, and there were fires, pests and cholera epidemics. The era of gold miners since 1854 is over and now the gold mine is operating industrially. Gold represents precious and valuable things. Many wanted to find wealth in the land. Gold is still a sustainable investment today. China currently produces the most gold, followed by Australia, Russia and the United States. Canada, Ghana, Mexico, South Africa, Uzbekistan and Indonesia follow.

Today it is one of the gold producing companies in Western Australia Corora Resources – These are the Beta Hunt Mine, the Higginsville Gold Properties and the Sparkgos Gold Mine, all about 60 kilometers from Calcutta and located in the prosperous Norseman-Vilna Greenstone Belt. Gold was first discovered in the area in 1896. Incidentally, the flow of gold in the Glondike River and the Yukon River in Canada is well known.

Around today in Canada Fury Gold Mines – The company has high quality and future plans in British Columbia, Nunavut and Quebec.

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