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28. September - Amazons «New World»: Release schon wieder verschoben

Gold duplication bug allowed

Since its September release, Amazon New World has been plagued by bugs. Due to a glitch in Gold, an important feature must be deactivated.

The basics in brief

  • A vulnerability in the transportation system is currently disturbing Amazon’s New World endgame.
  • The flaw makes it possible to duplicate gold and create an unfair advantage.
  • Amazon quickly paralyzed the entire gold trade in the game.

another one A month after release From New World, bugs are still common in the game. The already stagnant economy in the game is now being further slowed down by new exploitation. The bug simply allows players to duplicate their gold.

A New World: A Bug That Causes an Economic Crisis

Since the vulnerability in the game has apparently not yet been fixed, it should Amazon Games are now taking stricter measures. Therefore, all gold transfers have stopped, according to «GameStar», and this affects the playertradeSend money to characters, company bank and auction house. Accordingly Frustration in the fan community Big, many want a full reset.

However, this approach does not appear to be sufficient. Amazon Games are already banning players who continue to exploit the loophole as fans reddit explains. It’s currently not clear when a bug fix for gold duplication will be available. The new world now also falls on 5th place among top sellers on Steam global return.

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