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"Go haywire" - Nabil Campino fan due to Liverpool in stress - Sports

“Go haywire” – Nabil Campino fan due to Liverpool in stress – Sports


3 titles instead of preparing for a tour: Toten Hosen’s Campino tries to juggle music and football.


He loves to socialize with Liverpool fans

Campino, singer totten hussain.

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The band’s 40th birthday, new music, and the start of the tour on June 7: For Campino, the band’s leader dead pantsAlmost all of this right now takes a back seat. Because the singer is an ardent football fan – and hopes for a rich harvest from Liverpool FC, which can win three more titles after the League Cup with the FA Cup, the Champions League and the championship.

Liverpool under pressure

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After Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham in the league, Liverpool almost won by visiting Aston Villa on Tuesday night. The Reds are currently three points behind Manchester City, who play at Wolverhampton on Wednesday.

“I try to incorporate that into all of my preparations for my tour – so it’s bad for me now,” Campino said.

From a rational point of view, it cannot really be justified.

He has tickets for all of Liverpool’s highlights in the coming weeks and is trying to travel as climate-friendly as possible. “I always pay the trip compensation and even double it to be able to convince myself that I’m saving the global climate with Liverpool, but that is of course nonsense,” Campino admitted.

“It’s really not justifiable from a rational point of view. After that I try to be a responsible citizen in other areas. I can’t do that with flights to Liverpool.”