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GNTM 2022 - Full Episodes 11: Body Painting

GNTM 2022 – Full Episodes 11: Body Painting

In photography, models can shine twice. As the gold body plate not only makes her shine, the poses also have to be eye-catching. Candidates embody the XXL hand and must score with demanding poses.

Full Episode 11: Drawing my body and the catwalk twins

When will the full episode be repeated?

Episode 11 of GNTM will be seen in six episodes on April 15, 2022 at 8:15 PM. Plus, the entire episode and several featured clips are always available here in the video section or on Joyn.

Who turned the clock at GNTM?

In episode 11 of “Germany’s Next Top Model”, the order of the challenges was different than usual. The week begins with a twin outing and culminates in a photo session with a gold body plate. In this special episode, Heidi is helped by a different guest judge for each challenge. The age best model, Maye Musk, supports Heidi as she walks, while photographer Brian Bowen Smith takes a seat next to the model’s head after the photo is taken.

Double lottery?

For walking, the best candidates should work in pairs. But be careful! It’s not just about being on the platform at the same time. Models are sewn together on matching outfits or braided together on their synthetic hair. Tact and cooperation is required. Anyone who can’t convince Heidi and May becomes a shaky candidate.

Casting in Mark Keane

In the eleventh week, women have another opportunity to introduce themselves to a new client: Mark Kaine. Juliana, Vanessa, Luca, Sophie, Amaya and Martina were chosen for this. But for some, the idea of ​​the job doesn’t go as well as hoped and Sophie makes a huge beginner’s mistake.

Beach shooting

For a photo shoot at the end of the episode, the mannequins turn into live clock hands. Painted with gold body paint, they not only have to prove their body tension, but also show what they’ve learned in GNTM so far. Whoever convinces here moves on to the next round.

GNTM 2022: Season 17

Also in 2022, Heidi Klum is looking for “Germany’s next top model”. Who has this sure thing? Who has what it takes to be a supermodel? To find that special someone, Heidi Klum calls for professional help every week. Guest judges included: French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, actress and pop icon Kylie Minogue, star photographers Rankin and Yu Tsai, and English fashion designer Christian Cowan.

You can watch ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ every Thursday at 8:15pm on ProSieben and auf Gwen.