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GNTM 2022: 4 full episodes

GNTM 2022: 4 full episodes

Episode four has it all. In a stunning video shoot, the models shoot from the car into the air at the touch of a button. In the decision-making procession, model and fashion influencer Jasmine Sanders sits as a guest juror next to Heidi Klum.

Season 17 – Episode 4: Action-packed video shooting, elimination march and voluntary exit

The video shoot ends with amazing heights

In Episode 4, the sound is loud and full of action: the participants have to prove their acting talent in a great video shoot. Director David Helmut always watches the participants with a critical eye. In sleek 1960s Cadillac El Dorado sit-coats, models are checked for strength of text. And as if that weren’t enough, at the end of every performance, there’s an ejection seat that takes the models to dizzying heights—all well secured to the bungee cord, of course.

Private dinner with Heidi Klum

The winners of the video duels will receive a special prize this time. You go to a Greek tavern for lunch with Heidi. The head of the crossbar set aside an entire afternoon for the winners. Fine food is served, rice papers are wrapped and the head model tells about the daily life of a top model. The fortuneteller is also present in the game.

Linara leaves GNTM voluntarily

Lenara’s voluntary withdrawal from “Germany’s Next Top Model” is a big surprise to everyone. In Episode 4, she first shared her decision with her fiancé via a video call. Next, she spoke to Heidi about her reasons for wanting to leave the show and reveal what she’s most looking forward to at home.

A shaky decision process

In Episode 4 we witness how tides can affect walking. Because this week’s catwalk is off the coast of Mykonos in the middle of the sea. Who can handle the floating subterranean? And from today he can only fish in murky waters?

You can watch ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ every Thursday at 8:15pm on ProSieben and aufGwen.

When is the full episode replayed?

Episode 4 of GNTM can be seen in six episodes on February 25, at 8:15 p.m. Plus, the entire episode and many featured clips are always available here in the video section or on Joyn.

GNTM 2022: Season 17

Also in 2022, Heidi Klum is looking for “Germany’s next top model”. Who has this sure thing? Who has what it takes to be a supermodel? To find that special someone, Heidi Klum calls for professional help every week. The guest jurors included: French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, actress and pop icon Kylie Minogue, star photographers Rankin and Yu Tsai, and English fashion designer Christian Cowan.