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Glyphosate lawsuits: Another setback for Bayer in the US

Glyphosate lawsuits: Another setback for Bayer in the US

Once again Bayer suffered defeat in the ongoing litigation over glyphosate. The San Francisco Magistrate’s Court upheld a ruling on August 9, that the agrochemical company should be held liable for the cancer of a California couple. Bayer is said to be paying more than 70 million euros in damages to the plaintiffs.

Bayer loses third consecutive appeal

After Bayer has already lost its first two appeals in the US, Leverkusen has now received another defeat in a US court, according to media reports. This time the lawsuit is brought by the couple from California, Alberta and Alpha Belliod, who attribute their cancerous diseases to the active ingredient glyphosate. In 2019, a California jury for the first time sentenced the agrochemical company to damages and fines of nearly $2 billion in the case; Later in the proceedings, the court reduced this amount to 86.7 million dollars (about 73.9 million euros). The San Francisco Court of Appeals upheld that ruling on August 9.

The group does not agree with the court’s decision

According to media reports, a Bayer spokesperson at the same time stated that the company respects the court’s decision, but does not agree with it, because the ruling is not supported by evidence at trial or by applicable law. Accordingly, the company wants to outline its options for a renewed review of the case, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), among others.

Several other glyphosate lawsuits in the United States

The current case isn’t the only lawsuit against Bayer in the US – rather, according to media reports, the company faces several other lawsuits related to glyphosate. Only three cases have been finally negotiated, each of which has been decided against the company. The agrochemical giant has also been unsuccessful in the recruitment process so far. In May, for example, the San Francisco court in charge had already confirmed a ruling awarding cancer-stricken plaintiff Edwin Hardman the equivalent of about €20.6 million in damages. Hardman blamed the report he used on lymphoma. Bayer announced that it will initiate further legal action following this ruling.