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Glockenford with Claire Amanda, America’s Best College Player – Football

Photo: © Austria Klagenbert

Klagenbert – June 21, 2021 Monday, 3:24 p.m.

A day after the signing of Turke Gemsibaci, the Bundesliga promoter Austria Klaassenbert presents the next newcomer: 22-year-old center forward Gloria Amanda from Oregon State University, who came from the highest college league in the United States and signed a contract until June 2023.

“We worked hard to bring Claire Amanda to Whitemanstorp. He is currently very popular with some clubs in Major League Soccer, but he wants to prove himself in Europe. It is clear in the video calls we made with him that our fans can look forward to a guy who is fearless and cheeky. He certainly has the energy to help and make us happy, “said Matthias Imhoff, managing director of Klagenbert.

Amanda, originally from Tanzania, coached FC Edmonton in the Canadian Premier League before being accepted at the Vancouver Whitecaps Academy. There he received his first professional contract.

In 2018, Amanda actually left for the United States: for Beavers at Oregon State University, she played in Division NCAA Division I, the highest college league in the United States. The former Canadian junior national player had a very strong win last season and was awarded the “Herman Trophy” for being the best player in the country.

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