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Global star and cult figure – Sir Michael Caine turns 90 – NEWS


Actor Sir Michael Caine turned 90 on Tuesday. The Briton has not yet thought of quitting smoking.

Michael Caine has starred in more than 160 films, won two Oscars in the Best Supporting Actor category and has become an integral part of Hollywood. The British actor turned 90 on March 14th.

He is one of the most popular movie stars of his generation. He was brought up in humble circumstances. He often asserts that he is the son of the working class. His origins have always been a motive for the Londoner to show it to all who do not believe in him.


Actor Michael Caine in conversation with Queen Elizabeth II in 1998. Two years after this meeting, the British monarch was knighted by the Queen, who died in September 2022.

Keystone / Fiona Hanson

Michael Caine became known in the 1960s and 1970s for such films as “Charlie Dusts off Millions” (better known under the original title “The Italian Job”), “Jack Counts” (“Get Carter”) or “Zulu”. Later, the world star took part in such productions as “Miss Undercover”, “Dressed to Kill” or “Batman Begins”.

Michael Caine was also knighted in 2000 for his service to the British film scene – by Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September.

The artist surprises with a birthday present

On the occasion of his 90th birthday, British artist Ed Chapman dedicated a portrait made up of thousands of coins to the actor. The work features Michael Caine in his famous role as secret agent Harry Palmer, who he played in three films in the 1960s. “I made Sir Michael out of euro cents because they’re smaller than pennies. That way you can show more detail. It’s also a reference to the Ken movie ‘Charlie Steals Millions’ when gold was stolen in Europe,” says Chapman.

Michael Caine has not retired yet. His next movie project is coming. In the third part of the magician thriller The Ungraspable, he plays the villain.