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“Gladiator 2”: that's why one of the most important and best elements of the original will be missing from the historical scene – Kino News

“Gladiator 2”: that's why one of the most important and best elements of the original will be missing from the historical scene – Kino News

When you hear the word “Gladiator,” do you immediately think of Hans Zimmer's Oscar-nominated film score? We won't have to do that with Ridley Scott's sequel. Zimmer's cancellation has been known for a long time – and now the composer has given an explanation.

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Now, Hans Zimmer's music can be heard once again in cinemas around the world – namely in Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi film Dune: Part Two. But when “Gladiator 2” opens on November 21, 2024, we won't hear Zimmer's music, but Harry Gregson-Williams' music. In an interview, he explained why the famous composer, who wrote a piece of film music history with the soundtrack to the 2000 film “Gladiator,” will not return for the sequel.

No Hans Zimmer, no repeats

The news that Zimmer would not be scoring the Gladiator 2 goal surprised many earlier this year. After all, the bombastic score not only had attractive potential, but also had a decisive influence on the atmosphere of the blockbuster – Hans Zimmer. But the reason the Frankfurt native now gives the magazine Curzon Given, it reads coherently and is based on recent experience by the composer.

“It's easy. I've done this world before. I think I did a good job,” Zimmer said. “Either I will try to repeat myself, which I do not want, or the critics will tear me apart. “You didn't do it as well as you did the first time,” they say.


Zimmer explained that he worked in film series often, having produced three Batman films, four Pirates of the Caribbean films and four Kung Fu Panda films: “I like the idea of ​​developing myself and not comparing it to my work.” The music of “Gladiator” in particular has a special place in his heart and has become dear to the audience. It must remain in that position.

Bad experience with the new version of the movie “Lion King”.

Zimmer has learned firsthand that things don't always have to end well if you try to develop your own distinctive film music: “I had that experience watching the live version of.”the king lion' made. I tried to deviate from my usual ways. But every time I did it, it didn't work. So all I can do is repeat myself. You owe it to yourself and the audience to try new things.

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Even if Hans Zimmer wasn't in danger of repeating himself in “Gladiator 2,” perhaps something of his signature could be recognized in the music. because His successor, Harry Gregson-Williams, once started as Zimmer's assistant. The two have already discussed their work on “Gladiator 2” — and Harry Gregson-Williams probably gets the most praise from Zimmer: he is an “exceptional” composer.

“Gladiator 2” by Ridley Scott Opens in theaters on November 21, 2024. The film stars Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, Connie Nielsen, and Joseph Quinn.

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