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Gladbach star Stindl returns to Karlsruher? This is the current situation

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from: Niels Wallenschlager

Lars Stindl’s contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach is about to expire. There are signs that the midfield star is returning to Karlsruher. This is the current situation:

Updated January 30thThere have been rumors for several weeks that Lars Stindl could move from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Karlsruher in the summer. It remains unclear whether the veteran will extend his contract at Gladbach, which expires in the summer. According to Bild newspaper, talks have already taken place, but no agreement has yet been reached. KSC Managing Director Oliver Crozier recently commented positively on the possibility of Stindl’s return.

Gladbach star Stindl returns to Karlsruher? This is the current situation

First report from 2 December: Lars Stindl has been one of the top performers in Borussia Mönchengladbach for many years. Meanwhile, the midfielder got into the German national team. At the age of 34, the veteran’s career is slowly coming to an end.

Will Lars Stindl return to Karlsruher SC? Gladbach star contract expires

His contract at Gladbach expires in the summer of 2023. There has been no contract extension yet – although Gladbach’s sporting director Roland Firkus has indicated he wants to keep Stindl. According to rumours, the family of the eleven-time international should return home.

As Badische Latest News reports, the construction of Stindls’ new home in Waghäusel-Wiesental has been completed. change to Karlsruhe SC It will be evident in the light of this constellation. After all, Lars Stindl started his career at KSC before leaving the club for Hanover in 2010.

Lars Stindl in a Karlsruher SC shirt. © Uli Deck / dpa

Rumor about Lars Stindl and Karlsruher SC – KSC-Boss Kreuzer takes a stand

“If that’s the case that he’s already back home for the summer and still wants to play football, we’ll definitely deal with it,” Crozier said in an interview with BNN about the 34-year-old. There has been no communication yet between KSC and Stindl regarding a return. At the moment it is a purely informational issue. If Lars decides to return home, we will also seek to contact him on our own initiative, ”says Kreuzer. Let’s see if Stendl will actually return to Karlsruhe next summer. (nwo / dpa)