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"Give up alcoholic drinks Migros haven"

“Give up alcoholic drinks Migros haven”

No alcohol or tobacco is sold in Migros stores – that’s what former CFO Mario Bonorand believes it should stay that way. (archive image)

Keystone / Martin Rucci

Migros Co-operative delegates will again speak out against the sale of alcoholic beverages in the fall. That’s what Mario Bonorand, the former chief financial officer of Migros, predicts. Prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages “sanctuary”.

the previous MigrosChief Financial Officer Mario Bonorand (78) is convinced that delegates from the Migros Co-operative will speak out against the sale of alcoholic beverages in the fall. Giving up alcohol is forbidden.

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Bonorand said he could not imagine that Migros delegates would give the green light to the sale of alcoholic beverages. CH Media newspapers. This is not the first time this idea has appeared on the table.

The The Sunday newspaper It was reported in its Sunday edition that the next meeting of Migros representatives at the beginning of November will deal with alcohol sales. The newspaper claims to have learned from various sources that several delegates put a corresponding proposal on the agenda. Co-op members must decide in the voting strike to vote on the “alcohol question”.

Guardian of Duttweiler’s vision?

According to the laws, Migros supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol or tobacco. According to the report, the vote is a complete deletion, maintenance or modification of the relevant article. In the event of a change, Migros sells alcohol and only stops selling tobacco. Migros delegates are supposed to decide on November 6 whether to hold a poll. An insider was quoted as saying: “The app should come safely.”

Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler’s values ​​are still very strong, Bonorand says in an interview. From the cultural ratio to the democratic cooperative – as well as giving up alcohol and tobacco. Many delegates consider themselves the guardians of Duttweiler’s vision.

Bonorand said Migros could use new pulses. But it doesn’t have to be alcohol. This means Migros could generate an estimated 1.5 to 2 billion francs in sales. The damage to the image and loss of reputation will be greater, according to Bonorand, who was also the president of the Globus department store and president of Diner.

Selling wine in a subsidiary company

However, group sales are not completely alcohol-free. Migros Ticino, for example, runs the “Enoteca Vinarte” wine shop. The four branches are located in or adjacent to Migros Shopping Centre.