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Girls worry about her because of a lover ergoer

Girls worry about her because of a lover ergoer

Hollywood star Demi Moore’s three daughters are worried. They fear only Swiss superstar Daniel Hamm will take advantage of them.

The basics in brief

  • Daniel Hamm and Demi Moore are a married couple.
  • Your daughters view this relationship with concern.

“Yes, that is the case!”

Chef star Daniel Hamm, 46, has confirmed he’s still young love to HollywoodDemi Moore (59) in one SRF-Interview.

Demi Moore herself has not yet commented on her lover in the Aargau. But according to OK! A friend says:

“Demi has only been with him for a few months but she thinks they have a future together!”

Herein lies the problem. Because Demi’s three daughters, Rumer (33), Tallulah (28) and Scout (30) are worried about their mother.

Do you think celebrity chef Hamm needs to be in the Demi Moore spotlight?

“The problem is that Daniel is known in Manhattan circles as being more of a player. And that’s exactly what Demi doesn’t need with her past as a man.” This is what a magazine insider claims.

Moreover, “Her daughters and family have fears that the relationship will end badly. Her daughters are worried that Hamm is only using her for fame.” Ouch!

Because it would be the star chef who was very happy with his new love chats. not this Hollywood-star. “So the three of them are begging their mom not to get carried away by their feelings,” the source said.

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