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Giovanni Angiolini: This is what the doctor says to Michel Hunziker

The doctor has been torturing the presenter for weeks

Here’s what Giovanni Angiolini says about Michel Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini continue to fan love rumors about them. Now the Italian doctor was asked about the mediator.

Publication date: 2:03 pm


Updated: 44 minutes ago

The rumor mill about Michael Hunziker, 45, and Giovanni Angiolini, 41, has been circulating for weeks. The Italian presenter and doctor were repeatedly seen cooing and kissing. RTL now asked the doctor about his relationship status.

Angelini attended the “Raffaello Summer Day” in Berlin on Thursday. He walked the red carpet in a light blue suit. When asked about Michel Hunziker, he stays out of sight. With a laugh, he told the TV station that he didn’t want to talk about people “who aren’t here”.