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Offiziell bestätigt - Horizon Zero Dawn erscheint für PC

Ghost of Tsushima will land on PC

The samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Now there are rumors of a PC port for the hit The Room game.

The basics in brief

  • Several PS4 titles from Sony are also currently being prepared for PC users.
  • The next address with such a port could be Ghost of Tsushima.
  • This refers to recent changes in the game’s structure.

For many fans in the gaming community, PlayStation exclusive titles are an important professional argument Sony. Recently, however, there have been an increasing number of PlayStation 4 exclusive titles for PC. including Blockbuster titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn or Days Gone. Now rumors are emerging about the next port.

Playstation 4 Samurai Action on PC

Since its release last summer, Ghost of Tsushima has been a huge hit and Sell ​​accordingly. It is possible, of course, to imagine that Sony He wants to reach more fans of this title. Some changes to the game’s cover now suggest an upcoming PC version.

On the other hand, the multiplayer aspect of the game is now highlighted more prominently with a large banner. But the most exciting thing is that the letters “Only for PlayStation” in the upper right corner are gone. This has also happened previously with many titles before they launched for PC.

PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima

But these changes may also indicate an upcoming release for PlayStation 5. Also in this case far away Sony Characters from other games have already been mentioned. can ghost tsushima Already played on the new console But there is no custom variable yet.

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