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Get the Euromillions Mega Jackpot in just one look

Get 230 million jackpot

Win a Euromillions ticket with 90 choices

On Tuesday, the grand prix was never broken again. That is why Euromillions will be played for 230 million francs on Friday. We’re giving away a system ticket with 90 draw choices. Perhaps you will soon become a millionaire.

Publication date: 11:50 am


Updated: 4:05 PM

On Tuesday, no one was able to break the jackpot of 218 million. This means that it is up to date 230 million francs in the pot. It’s one of those prizes that make your dreams go crazy just by thinking what could be possible with that much money. By the way, much larger prizes can be obtained through European cooperation in the national lottery, because playing money is collected from all participating countries. So that you have more chances to win a staggering 230 million, we increase your chances of winning.

look give away one Euromillions system ticket with 90 draw options on Friday 8 July. With a pre-packaged six-digit, six-star ticket worth CHF315, you have 90 chances to win the jackpot! Join and maybe soon you will get the grand prize in your account.

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The closing date for entries is July 8, 2022 at 10:00 AM. The winner will then be determined and notified. By participating, you agree to the terms and conditions and data protection regulations.