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Germany's Bundestag elections - Greens and FDP want to explore traffic light alliance with SPD - News

Germany’s Bundestag elections – Greens and FDP want to explore traffic light alliance with SPD – News

  • Ten days after the German parliamentary elections, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party made their first important decision.
  • The FDP agrees with the Greens’ proposal to hold tripartite talks with the SPD in preparation for possible coalition negotiations to form a joint government.
  • According to Free Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner, negotiations for the Traffic Lights Alliance could begin on Thursday. This is what the Free Democratic Party proposed.
  • But Jamaica’s alliance with CDU and CSU is not off the table either.

“We have accepted the proposal to speak to the SPD,” party leader Christian Lindner said after internal deliberations. He added that talks to form a so-called Jamaican coalition with CDU, CSU and the Greens remained an option. Lindner said they want to offer to Olaf Schulz, the SPD candidate, to begin the tripartite explorations as early as Thursday.

A while ago, Green Party co-chair Annalina Barbock announced that the FDP would propose such three-way talks with the SPD, because the two-way talks with the Liberals saw enough similarities. Germany faces significant challenges that must be addressed quickly. That is why the Greens are convinced “that this country cannot afford the effects of a long tail”. But co-chair Robert Habeck also said this did not mean rejecting possible subsequent talks with the Union and the Free Democratic Party for the Jamaica Alliance.


Green Party co-chairs Anelina Barbock and Robert Habeck are seeking a traffic light alliance with the Social Democrats and the Free Democratic Party.


After the September 26 federal elections, the Green Party and the FDP first explored potential lines of settlement together and then separately with the SPD as well as with the CDU and CSU.

The SPD won the election with 25.7 percent of the vote, and the CDU and CSU collapsed to 24.1 percent. The Greens made 14.8 percent and are now the third largest parliamentary group in the Bundestag, and the Free Democratic Party came in with 11.5 percent. The two smaller parties are currently the kingmakers in the new government. A renewal of a grand alliance between the Federation and the SPD is highly unlikely at the moment.

You can calculate the probabilities using the coalition calculator

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