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Germany sends Eurofighter to Australia and East Asia

DGerman air force in Asia and Oceania. A number of fighter jets were deployed to the Indo-Pacific region, which resulted in failure. Instead of six as planned Eurofighter Only five German fighter planes landed at Baia Lebar Air Base in Singapore on Tuesday. During a stopover in Abu Dhabi, one of the planes suffered a hydraulic failure and was unable to take off. The Air Force now hopes the aircraft will arrive in time for the start of military training in Australia on Monday. “If you can imagine how complex such a fighter is, we may have a technical deficiency. We are completely relaxed,” Air Force Inspector General Ingo Gerhardts said after the other planes arrived in Singapore.

“This is one of the largest and most challenging deployments the Air Force has ever seen,” the inspector had previously said. This was shown by the failure of a plane during the transfer called “Rapid Pacific 2022” from the beginning. After all, the five remaining Eurofighters of Air Squadron 74 had made their way from Neuburg an der Donna. Singapore Completed on schedule within 24 hours. They are accompanied by four A400M transporters and three A330 tankers. They carry 100 tons of goods. The 12,800-kilometer route first led to Abu Dhabi, across the Gulf of Oman to India, where thunderstorms were brewing, to the Southeast Asian city-state on the Bay of Bengal. During a scheduled mission, Eurofighters will refuel around 200 times in the air.