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Germany goalkeeper Schulte leaves the MLS after just three months | - Sports

Germany goalkeeper Schulte leaves the MLS after just three months | – Sports

Status: 11/16/2022 12:03 PM

Soccer goalkeeper Almuth Schulte leaves Angel City Soccer of the NWSL after less than a season. As announced by the club, the 31-year-old’s contract has not been renewed.

Almuth Schulte is in the final stage of preparation. Around the Qatar World Cup, the longtime national guard is back in action as an ARD expert — her schedule for the coming weeks is clearly structured. But how she will continue her career as a football player is currently completely open.

Schulte: “I really enjoyed my time”

What was hinted at recently is now clear – Schulte’s USA adventure at Angel City FC came to an end after just three months. Schulte herself had previously indicated that her first overseas job might be short-lived. The twins’ mum Schulte said: “I’m not just a competitive athlete on my own anymore, I have a family and we have to find the best way for the kids. The MLS is so much fun, even if I don’t. I play a lot now and I really enjoyed the time, getting to know new perspectives and a different football culture.” “.

Only one use in the American League

After this summer’s European Championships, where she didn’t play, Schulte switched from doubles winner VfL Wolfsburg to the USA midway through the NWSL season. Their NBA athletic record is still manageable, and it was only in a 0-2 loss against the Chicago Red Stars at the beginning of October that the German soccer superstar got into action.

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What’s next for the former world goalkeeper, who was on target for half of the women’s national team’s 2-1 loss on Sunday? If she were to return to Wolfsburg, she wouldn’t be first choice there either, with Germany’s Merle Froms taking the top spot among the positions.

Schulte’s sporting future is open

“I know the Bundesliga very well,” Schulte said of her conscious decision to try something new in the summer. “If I wanted to continue playing in the Bundesliga, I would have stayed.” Germany. But she also admitted that she “of course misses the people too” when I was at the club for nine years.

But now it’s World Cup time for Schulte. By studying the data and facts, I got a picture of the individual teams and looked at the qualification path, coaches and stars. “Then I look at the offensive and defensive scenes,” Schulte said. “Above all, how the goalkeepers behave.”

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Almuth Schulte, goalkeeper at VfL Wolfsburg © IMAGO / Hübner

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