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Germany defeated 4:3 nP - Natty relives memories with 7th win in Game 7 - USA awaits - Sport

Germany defeated 4:3 nP – Natty relives memories with 7th win in Game 7 – USA awaits – Sport

  • At the Ice Hockey World Championships in Helsinki, Switzerland won the final preliminary round against Germany with 4:3 nP
  • After winning the seventh in the seventh game, the team finished the group stage with 20 points in first place.
  • In the quarter-finals, Switzerland meets the United States on Thursday at 7:20 pm. With SRF they are there live.

Showed morale, defeated fearsome opponents, set a record – this is how the working day of the national team can be described on Tuesday. With a 4:3 nP against Germany in their final Group G match at the World Cup in Helsinki, Switzerland finally played their way into the role of medal contenders before the knockout stage.

In the end, the winner of the match against Germany was Reto Pera. The Freiburg goalkeeper saved 3 attempts by the Germans in the penalty shootout (two wrong attempts). Because Nico Hescher and Damien Reyat drowned out their first two penalties, Switzerland are the last team undefeated after the World Cup preliminary round and can go into the quarter-finals with great confidence, as the USA awaits on Thursday.

Stop the negative series against Germany

In recent years, Germany has repeatedly inflicted painful defeats on Switzerland. Most recently in the 2018 Olympic round of 16 (1:2 nP) and in the 2021 World Cup quarter-finals (2:3 nP). Nati broke through this negative series on Tuesday with a solid, committed performance.

Scherwey returns to Switzerland

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Tristan Cherui will return to Switzerland on Wednesday at his request for surgery. The Scottish Football Bank striker broke his ankle against France on Sunday.

As in a few matches before, coach Patrick Fischer’s side also experienced poor stages against Germany. But towards the end of the first third and at the beginning of the last section, Nati lost control of the match a little bit. In these stages, Kai Weismann conceded goals in playing power (12 minutes), Stefan Loebel (16 minutes) and Matthias Platachta (48).

Memories of 2013 come alive

Especially in the starting stage and for long periods of the middle third, when Switzerland put its foot on the throttle, they showed their character and enthusiasm, which led to the achievement of the three goals:

  • 2 minutes: Andres Ambol hits the ball into the net after 1-2 with his teammate Enzo Corvi to make the score 1-0.
  • 22 minutes: Pius Suter crowns the Swiss pressure stage at the beginning of the second half with a 2-2 draw.
  • 39 min: Denis Malgin hits the crossbar to make it 3-2.

With 20 points after the group stage, the Swiss team in Helsinki equaled the previous record in the 2013 World Cup in Sweden and Finland. If the similarities to the World Cup persist, Switzerland should be happy about the precious metal at the end: at the time, they won the World Cup silver medal after beating Sweden 1:5 in the final.

Sweden 1-0 Latvia

Because Sweden beat Latvia 1-0 in the parallel match of Group B, it is already clear that Switzerland will meet the United States in the quarter-finals on Thursday. William Nylander scored the only goal of the match after 35 minutes. And the US team, who suffered defeats against Finland and the Czech Republic, cannot improve even after beating Norway in the afternoon.