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Germans will soon have to give up half their wages

Germans will soon have to give up half their wages

Switzerland is considered a tax haven – at the end of the month, the Swiss keep much more of their wages in their wallets than the Germans, for example. As Bild now points out, this phenomenon is likely to continue to worsen: Social security contributions in our neighboring country to the north will “explode” in the coming years, according to the tabloid.

Accordingly, contributions to pension, health and care insurance are expected to increase significantly again by 2035: in 2035, according to Bild's calculations, the average earner without children will have to pay 51.75 percent of Pay it to the state!

Singles are particularly affected: they already have to pay an average of 47.8 cents per euro. For millions of employers, this means they have less money in their pockets at the end of the month.

There is a big problem facing the head of the Confederation of German Employers' Associations: Rainer Dolger is convinced that the welfare state needs to be “turned upside down” and returned to long-term balance.

“Without reforms, contributions to statutory pensions, health insurance and nursing care will rise to more than 50 percent in the next few years,” the 60-year-old explained to Bild. “Politics must now change course – justice between generations looks different.”

Germany's business scene also suffers from this, as Economy Minister Robert Habeck's chief advisor explains: Eckhard Jannepa warns that social burdens are more firmly attached to companies.

CDU General Carsten Linnemann strikes a similar tone: he told Bild newspaper that he called for a halt to the planned pension reform. The craft association also warns against inflating social security contributions. This would lead to higher costs for businesses, and thus lead to “higher bills for customers”.