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Germans should learn to re-spelle the alphabet

Germans should learn to re-spelle the alphabet

Anton became Augsburg, Bertha became Berlin. The spelling table in Germany will be replaced by city names.

The basics in brief

  • The German Institute for Standardization wants to adapt the spelling schedule.
  • The reason is gender equality and the historical past.
  • Soon, city names will be used for spelling instead of first names.

Like Anton, B like Berta or c to Caesar: So in Germany Soon, because the German alphabet will soon have a new “spelling table”.

Reason: equality. while 16 male first names For the spelling table, there are only six female first names. The Institute for Standardization (DIN) believes this is no longer appropriate. It does not correspond to “the reality of life today”.

As the German “Bild” wrote, the spelling table, which has been in use since 1890, will now be replaced by city names. From mid-2022 it will be called A for Augsburg, B for Berlin, C for Cottbus, or D for Düsseldorf.

The Nazis removed Jewish names

The Standardization Institute decided the names of the cities. This is because otherwise “not all relevant ethnic and religious groups will be presented in a gender-equitable manner”.

Another reason for the desired alphabetical reform is the historical past. In the time of the National Socialists, Jewish names such as David, Nathan, and Samuel were removed from the spelling table at the time.

Should the spelling schedule in Switzerland also be adapted?

However, the recently introduced version with place names is only a draft. Interested parties can submit their ideas and comments to the German Standardization Institute. The final version is expected to appear in mid-2022.

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