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"German training ship": "Bremerhaven is the best place"

“German training ship”: “Bremerhaven is the best place”

Thousands came to greet the “White Swan of Lower Weser” in Bremerhaven. On Friday, August 26, 2022, that would be one year ago.

Fisherman: Best place to ship

Since then, “Schulschiff Deutschland” has blossomed into a tourist attraction in the new port. Was it the right decision to move the berth from Bremen-Vijesak to Bremerhaven, or did the club regret it? Klaus Jäger answers this question with “No. Bremerhaven is the best place for a ship. I said that a year ago and it was confirmed in the past months”, confirms the president of the Federation of Training Ships.

great cooperation

The cooperation with Erlebnis Bremerhaven and the development company Bremerhaven Alter / Neuer Hafen (Bean) is particularly good. “It went really well from day one,” Jagger says happily. The club president is very satisfied with the development of visitor numbers. From September to July, we counted about 20,000 visitors on board. Plus 500 overnights,” Jagger says.

From weddings to meetings

All activities on board, including ship tours, overnight accommodations, weddings, conferences, donations and souvenir sales, “brought us a total of about 160,000 euros,” Jäger says.