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German Tesla Factory Awaiting Approval, Produces More Model Y>

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Wodecky has confirmed that Tesla can no longer count on final approval for Germany’s Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin this year. “It’s probably at the beginning of the year,” Woidke said. Based on reports On Monday, with the aim of obtaining Tesla’s approval – no longer in 2021. However, the head of government emphasized that he had no doubts about the final grant. Meanwhile, Tesla was practicing building a Model Y at the new plant within the approved framework.

Four Y models in the Gigafactory

At the end of the week, Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel already indicated that approval can no longer be expected and therefore production start in 2021. Still Not all Tesla documents are of the same qualityWhich promises legal certainty, he said. Unlike the Prime Minister now, he has not made predictions as to when Tesla’s pending statement will be issued.

It is unclear whether the German giant plant will be ready for larger scale production. Some employees already working there confirmed During the factory tours at the Tesla Festival in early OctoberTo be able to start at any time. CEO Elon Musk also stopped at the Gigafactory party and told himself that the start was easy, but the surge that followed was very difficult. Anyway, Tesla is allowed to make a full 250 Model Y in Grünheide It is already producing after another pre-approval from the end of October – and could end soon after the new drone controls.

As photos from a flight on Sunday give the impression that some Model Ys have been produced again in the Gigafactory’s tall main building, whose atrium is still being built in the foreground. Early in mid-November local observer Tobias Lind photographed the method of filming with a drone. Three of these electric cars are from the west side of the building He drove out and did a few laps at his south end. Find out the others after a good week. And last weekend there were four newly produced Model Ys on the Gigafactory.

It looks like the Tesla factory is on the move

This can be seen in the long video on Flybrandenburg’s YouTube channel, with a drone circling the main building, the smaller drive-producing building and the battery building still under construction. At the north end are four Tesla Model Y cars, probably all black. Surely you can only say that with the two of them, because the wind or something else just with them rips apart the covering that is still carried with the other two.

The flybrandenburg drone remains a bit close, so it can also be seen that these Model Ys have larger bezels than before on the site seen in Grunheide. However, it does not seem to be about the Performance version, which has not yet arrived in Europe from China, but rather the black 20-inch option of the Y Long Range. At the other end of the large area, there are two unpainted bodies in the video, one partially disassembled, the scrap parts are in two large containers, they must have been molded and pressed. Overall, the impression is that the Gigafactory is already on the back burner — but in order to keep going, Tesla will soon need at least one pre-approval, including for more Model Ys.