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German newspapers call on the national team coach to resign

German newspapers call on the national team coach to resign

Germany could not find its way out of the crisis: it lost to Japan 4-1.Image: Cornerstone

This is the third consecutive defeat suffered by the German Football Association team on Saturday evening, with a score of 1: 4, against Japan, and it must look to its playoffs. The last time this happened to a proud football nation was 38 years ago. The last victory was nearly half a year ago. Since the 2-0 win over Peru, there has been only one draw in five matches. German football is in ruins, and it appears the culprit has been quickly found.

After another defeat despite the trick with Joshua Kimmich at right-back in a series of four players alongside three central defenders, national team coach Hansi Flick is once again under heavy criticism. The press is merciless, and some media outlets are even calling for an end to it.



“Enough, Mr. Flick!
Flick has experimented with ruining everything this year. None of his ideas worked on the field. It robbed the players of their security and self-confidence. It’s all very confusing! So random! So helpless! Only four wins from the last 17 matches and an embarrassing exit in the preliminary round of the World Cup in Qatar – Hansi Flick (58) is the worst national coach of all time. For this reason, there is no alternative to immediate separation.”


“Because of a shift and change in mood. Doubts about Flick’s ability to achieve the turnaround in just nine months to the domestic championship could not be greater after this embarrassment. With performances like these and lack of development, the national coach also loses the last arguments.


“Hardly any speed, no ideas, little mistakes. Germany embarrassed itself in front of Japan. Hansi Flick’s thoughts are fading, and the team looks very insecure. “It seems difficult to imagine a future with this national coach.”

“the time”

“The German game was tight and tense. You couldn’t see the plan the coach gave the players. The German attacking game, when it took place, was based on chance. It couldn’t go wrong. In the early summer, the national team went from a mode of worry to a mode of disinterest, and now You have pity.”

“T Online”

September 9, 2023, Lower Saxony, Wolfsburg: Football: International matches, Germany-Japan, Volkswagen Arena.  National team coach Hansi Flick after the match.  Germany loses 1: 4. Important note: According to...

National coach Hansi Flick.Image: Cornerstone

“German football is on the brink of collapse. Anyone who still has doubts was better taught against Japan. In the team there is something wrong at the front and at the back. No self-confidence, no self-image, no joy, complete lethargy. It is shocking how unstable it is.” “Some of the team. And now we need a spirit of optimism – one way or another. If we stick with Fleck, this won’t be there anymore. But at most the next embarrassment.”

ERD Sportshow


He added: “The national coach broke his promise in the worst possible way. He said after the disappointing matches in June: Everything will be better in September. But things have become worse. There is currently no indication that the German national team will find its way back under the leadership of Hansi Flick.”


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