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German League: The play-off venue allows Austria to breathe a sigh of relief

German League: The play-off venue allows Austria to breathe a sigh of relief

Despite all the troubles, the transition to the European Cup was always Austria’s goal. With a 2: 1 against spusu, St. Pölten Hartberg remained under observation. Peter Stoger would like to “let the steam come out,” he notes. “It’s good not to be under power every day,” the Austria coach said. “We have now succeeded in achieving our goal with a second chance.”

Due to the new government regulations regarding Coronavirus, Austria must have up to 3,000 fans in the Generali Arena. However, Alexander Grunwald saw enough motivation in a game in front of his fans: “We all hope we can have another match, or two, in front of the fans.”

Austria defeated St. Pölten

Austria Vienna secured a place in the European Cup play-offs by defeating St. Pölten. However, the lower Austrians are at the bottom of the scale.

Austria national team once again “fuller and fitter”

Substitute Grunwald also scored the winning goal against St. Pölten (68). For the captain, that was only his second goal this season after he was a substitute on the bench in the spring. Like some of the other players on the team, the midfielder has also suffered from a coronavirus infection. Physically speaking, some Austrian players are not at their best. “It will take two weeks to get back into juice, that’s for sure.” Meanwhile, I feel good again, ”Grunwald said of the after-effects of his illness.

Stogger, who has also been in quarantine until recently, noticed that his team is now “fuller and fitter” again. This actually results in new possibilities for the purpose of Ried. The coach indicated that players who have had less match practice recently could be used. However, one does not want to give away points carelessly. We want the rights of the homeland, we want to play on our land. This is still important and is crucial, ”Stuger commented.

Schöpp already sees “a very good season”

At Hartburg, coach Marcus Schopp was delighted with the opportunity to play again in an international position. The Hartberg coach said that even if there was an early end to the race for a place in the qualifiers for the new Europa League, the world would not be over. “You have to watch things from the outside in order for us to have a very good season. I see it critically when you do things worse than they are,” Schop said.

Hartberg is booking the European Cup play-off ticket

With the victory over Admira, Hartberg managed to book a play-off ticket for the European Cup on his own on Saturday. The Styrians have already won seven matches against the Mödlingers in a row.

Styrena’s team regained their health after beating Flyeralarm Admira 2-0 to bitter 1: 3 bankruptcy of Austria. “We wanted to lead by example, and I think we did well.” Julius Erttaler said, “Now we will attack first place.” Like Austria, Hartberg has been rounded after the regular season, if the points are tied, the goal difference is crucial. The Vienna team is 16 better results. Austria will be in Reed and Hartberg in St. Pölten at the bottom of the scale.

Admira cheers despite defeat

While the Lower Austrians do not yet know if they will play with relegation, against whom they will play or may still need to relegate, relegation is fixed for the Admiral. “I have to apologize to the fans, but today it doesn’t really matter that we lost. After the match, there is a complete relief that we achieved it again.” Admira goalkeeper Andreas Leitner said, “He’s lost a few kilos of weight.”

His team was at the bottom of the table from Round 19 to Round 25, but he played his part at the end of the season. “We were in a hopeless situation for a long time. Damir Boric has put us on the right path, and Klaus Schmidt has put the season with us to an exceptional end,” Leitner sums up. Schmidt is the fourth coach of the season, after Zvonimir Soldo, interim coach Patrick Helms and Boric.

Schmidt accomplishes his “mission”

“It’s never a good thing to lose, but you have to see the big picture.” Schmidt said happily, “We tried to keep the league, and that was my mission, and it was accomplished today.” Once again he demonstrated his skills as a savior when needed. ”It worked again. “It makes me feel a little proud, but it’s not just my job,” stressed the 53-year-old. The team moved together and prepared against it. Schmidt said, “Those were great weeks.”

The season also ended well for the Altach. He started three points behind last place in the qualifiers, after a deserved 3-0 win over Reid, there are now nine points. “The final whistle was a wonderful and very enjoyable moment. You can’t buy that,” coach Damir Kennedy said after winning the sixth match in the thirteenth game in his second reign at Altach. “I am happy that the club managed to stay in the league. You can see that a great stone has fallen from everyone’s hearts, including me. “