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German League: The investor joins FC Augsburg - also participates in the Premier League

German League: The investor joins FC Augsburg – also participates in the Premier League

FC Augsburg can look to invest 1 million dollars from the USA.

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During financially difficult times, FC Augsburg has acquired a new investor from the USA to participate in several sports clubs.

Augsburg – In order to survive in the Haifischbecken Bundesliga, each team usually needs the funds to meet the goals of the season. Several clubs are taking advantage of investors, and now with FC Augsburg * the average team is currently growing financially and may have a new investor. This blends with some of the other professional sports clubs around the world.

FC Augsburg: Millions of investment in Bundesliga clubs – USA with 45 per cent stake

again Kicker And the Augsburg General Citing the commercial record, Bolt Football Holdings about American David Blitzer is said to have joined the FCA. For 5.5 million euros, the company takes 45 percent of the shares in the stock company, which split fifteen years ago.

Bolt Football Holdings will become a partner in the Bavarian Swabia region as early as February and is thus part of the investor group around club president Klaus Hoffmann who owns 99.4 percent of the shares. Hoffmann himself also owns about 32 percent stakes in the group and is thus the sole managing director of FCA Beteiligungs GmbH. In contrast, FC Augsburg eV has a share of 0.6%. Due to the 50 + 1 rule, eV still holds the majority in the equity firm.

FC Augsburg: New investor supports two first-class clubs in Europe as well as basketball and ice hockey clubs

Pletser is not a blank page, the 51-year-old businessman owns shares in several clubs in several sports around the world. He is also a co-owner of the New Jersey Devils of the American NHL Ice Hockey League and the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team of the NBA. Blitzer also plays a role in football with the Bolt Group, owns stakes in Belgian first-division club Waasland-Beveren and in the Premier League team Crystal Palace. He is also investing in esports company Dignitas.

The entry of the seemingly versatile and experienced American also means the departure of two FCA investors who have abdicated their positions on the supervisory board. This will be Kicker However, depending on when they are no longer occupied in the future, the speed cameras and his company will not have any space and thus will have less of a common design. The Supervisory Board in Augsburg now consists only of Chairman Stephane Frederking, investor Theo Sutter and former professional Jean Ingwer Kalsen Braker.

With the new overseas business relationship, the Bundesliga is building on its international strategy in order to increase its position in North America as well. (Pay)