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German League: Rapid withdraw in battle for second place

German League: Rapid withdraw in battle for second place

Another win over WSG will bring Rapid one step closer to second behind leaders Sovereign Red Bull Salzburg. That would be of great importance, if only because the runner-up would allow him to qualify for the Champions League in the summer and if he is eliminated he still has serious chances in the group stage of the Europa League and thus earn millions.

“Second place is really going to be a great performance,” said coach Dietmar Kohbauer, who had already led Rapid to second place last year. The third qualifying round for the first category was the end of the streak in Ghent. Rapid scored his first victory on Sunday after three failed attempts. The 50-year-old assumes: “If we hadn’t won, the wonderful debate would have started again.” However, discussions were limited to topics such as Captain Dejan Ljubisic’s trip to Italy last week.

Rapid reinforces second place against Tyrol

Rapid WSG defeated Tirol 4-0 and took second place in the table. And the solidarity of those responsible for the clear victory, “Joker” Youssef Demir, who entered the 78th minute and showed a double.

Ljubicic is moving to Cologne this summer

The fact that midfielder Rapid will leave for Cologne for free in the summer, Hoteldorfer emphasized on Monday, should not have any bearing on his performance at the end of the season. The fact that the 23-year-old had settled his transfer matters in the middle of an English week didn’t bother Kohbauer either. The coach said he is convinced Ljubicic will give everything for Rapid until the end. “I am not involved in creating a problem, and neither is the club.”

Yusef Demir Rapid could leave in the summer. It is said that many big clubs are interested in the 17-year-old, although he is still a regular player. “I know what’s wrong with that, but I won’t say it.” Kohbauer said at the post-match press conference, which Demir decided with a double shortly after his substitution, “I can only say that I am happy with his presence.” By doing so, he concealed the ÖFB player. An uninspiring performance by Hütteldorfer.

Sturm declares his attack on the second place

Sturm coach Christian Elzer saved the competition after a surprising 3-1 home win against Lusk. “Now we’re feeling the heat on the podium. Now we still have five laps left, and we don’t need to be tricked: We’ll attack so we can reach the top three,” Ilzer said after the first victory over LASK after five losing duels.

His squad can end a year of going above expectations. First of all, Sunday’s “penalty curse” was eliminated. For the first time this season – then twice – Graz was allowed a penalty kick. Elzer: “At first I also thought it was Easter and Christmas together.”

Yeboah goes in Graz

Kelvin Jeboua scored both penalties and played his best game after moving from WSG to Graz in the winter. “He is a constant source of danger, he has incredible depth, but he can also lock the balls very well. We still have to work with him to finish the goal, which is also due to his youth, but we are very happy to have him with us,” Elzer said of the 20-year-old striker.

On the second penalty kick, young Jacob Gancher let go first. “He looked at me very fondly and asked me if he was allowed to.” Yancher said, “There is a commandment in the Bible, one must share it according to one’s point of view, and it is very appropriate from that point of view.”

Sturm takes third place from LASK

Sturm Graz overtook the opponent in a direct duel against LASK at the table. With a 3–1 victory, Graz’s team is now third in the tournament group.

LASK should “get back on track”

The Linzers weren’t in the mood for linen. Captain Gernot Trauner criticized the lack of position and coach Dominic Thalhammer also thought: “We weren’t good enough. The way we left ourselves in a state of instability by Sturm leadership is unacceptable.” On Wednesday, the opponent was in bashing again, Storm, Ahead of a big chance to win the title in the Uniqa Cup Final – ÖFB – against Salzburg on May 1. Thalhamer: “Now we have to do our homework, analyze it seriously and get back on track as quickly as possible.”

The side show about mastermind Jürgen Werner, who is facing charges of questionable and sometimes illegal transfer practices, is causing additional turmoil at the club. After the Bundesliga is currently examining the situation discussed in a report in “Al Akhbar” magazine, Werner Skye tells not to “worry” because: “The news article is incorrect.” President, but they do not want any quick reforms. Werner tried to reassure the fans: “You can rest assured that we’re really doing this for LASK.”