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German Green Party in the election campaign - Barbock demands liberation - News

German Green Party in the election campaign – Barbock demands liberation – News


Green Annalena Baerbock was a target. So far, it lacks the necessary sovereignty to change the situation.

There was rarely such a thing at a Green Party conference: unity. Instead of arguing about a messy about 3,200 amendments, delegates endorsed the party leadership’s electoral manifesto. Their moderate course prevails: ecological restructuring of the economy should be as socially acceptable as possible. Campaign strategy and programme: No more private goals due to excessively extreme demands.

Recently, the Green Party gave an unhappy image in public. There were inconsistencies in Annalena Baerbock’s biography, donations reported too late or ill-thought-out remarks by co-chair Robert Habeck about the conflict in Ukraine – per se, petite, but overall the picture of a hearty campaign trail or at least an election campaign. Completely naive the team appeared.

Everything started well

Footprints: The Greens have clearly lost in the polls and Annalena Baerbock’s personal values ​​have really gone down. It all started very well when she announced her candidacy at the beginning of April and then started to rise. Some have already seen them all the way to the Chancellery.

At the Green Party convention, Barbock had to step up again. And received a lot of tailwind from her concert. More than 98.5 percent of delegates voted for her as the candidate for chancellor, with her co-chair, Robert Habeck, the frontrunner. Burbock said you stand for confidence to do better in the future.

Barbuk became a target

Co-chair Habek also stood behind Barbock and invoked solidarity. “Friendship and solidarity do not establish themselves in the sunlight, but then,” looking at Annalena Barbock, “when someone stands in the rain.”

Even before she ran for chancellor, Burbock was a red cloth for some center-right, but now, in the heated campaign trail of the past few weeks, she’s been a literal target.

At the beginning of the three-day party conference, Habeck explained, “For better or worse together.” Green Harmony is in place, the course is selected. The party remains true to its values: its content rather than cheap attacks on its political opponent.

Who do the Germans trust to lead the country?

So far, this election campaign is not simply about fairness or internal party softness, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be about concrete political content. How should the most powerful party in the country, the CDU under the leadership of Chancellor Armin Laschet’s candidate, still have no platform.

Above all, it is a question of who Germans trust to lead the country and which party has the absolute will to power, defend or win it. It will be interesting to see if the Greens are ready for this fight. So far, Barbock doesn’t show the necessary mastery.