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German Cup: Switzerland defeats Russia after a 0-2 deficit

German Cup: Switzerland defeats Russia after a 0-2 deficit

It takes a wake-up call from Enzo Corvi and Andres Ambul to bring the Swiss out of their idleness on Sunday. The HCD duo was combined shortly before the end of the second division through the Russian defense and marked the contact target. Hit for highlights. Liberation. It is the first spark of the Swiss pressing stage, from now on you can put your opponent in a corner and make fouls. and for collection.

However, up to this point, it is not only the soul that is lost. Confidence in one’s abilities temporarily evaporated after the slap against Slovakia (1:7) and 0:3 against the Germans. During the first half, the match was dominated by the Russian U23 team (the B-Nati team plays in the Karjala Cup against Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic), and the Swiss could not get to the front and back.

The Swiss dominate the game

The reaction after the ampoule pursuit goal ensures a conciliatory end to the national team’s long-term poor performance in Krefeld. When the players finally deal with their opponents, pick up the book and forgo the alibi measures, they are in control of the game. Victory over Russia in this case is not just a fringe statistic note. In the end, basic questions are forbidden due to a tournament of mainly secondary importance. Obviously, the national team missed the virtual German Cup semi-final match.

Bad luck for Calvin Thorkov: The Lugano striker injured himself in the 43rd minute of the match after a check by Russian Tseblako on the left shoulder and had to break out of the ice. Thürkauf missed the match against Germany due to a suspension.

rip: 20. Putin (Sorkin, Tsyplakov / PP) 0: 1. 30. Gontscharuk (Morozov) 0: 2. 37. Ambühl (Corvi, Moser) 1: 2. 39. Andrighetto (Vermin) 2: 2. 59. Pestoni ( Alatalo, Moser) 3:2.