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Gericom provides assistance to the Government of Granada due to volcanic activity – Brenza Latin

A scientific team from the Center for Seismic Research at the University of the West Indies is monitoring volcanic activity and providing scientific advice to Granada authorities, a report by Caricam said.

Similarly, the Caribbean Agency for Disaster Emergency Management works in conjunction with the National Organization for Local Emergency Management and the Regional Security Agency.

The agency implemented a regional support operation, which included technical assistance in planning logistics and turning citizens of Grenadian communities on the red alert.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on Thursday ordered the evacuation of Fancy, Ovia, Point, Sandy Bay, London, Magam, Orange Hill, Durama, Overland, Rabaka, Langley Park, Dixon, Georgetown, Waliabau, Richmond and Morn Rond.

MV to relocate residents. The Coast Guard is heading towards the Satellite Ship (Leaver) with the Gem Store, meteorological provider Caribbean Online Weather reported on its Twitter account.

The volcano has been active since the end of last December, and according to official sources, a new dome was built inside after the 1979 Big Bang.

In 1902, more than a thousand people were killed in the eruption of La Sofrier volcano.

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