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Generation Z would rather die than be thirty

Generation Z would rather die than be thirty

We all know it: When you're 15, 30 seems old. Older members of Generation Z are slowly approaching their big birthday — and they're terrified.

Tiktoker Gabriela is worried about turning 30 – because she hasn't had children yet and thinks she's running out of time. – Tik Tok

The basics in a nutshell

  • Instagram and co. On young women to stay young.
  • This is why some Gen Z believe that life ends in their 30s or 40s.
  • This sometimes reaches the point where some people do not save for the future or live healthy.

Depending on the calculation, those born in 1995 or 1997 belong to Generation Z. In short: The oldest members will be 29 or 27 this year — so the next birthday is right around the corner.

While some people think that 30 is the best age, the idea of ​​having so many candles on a jibori cake scares others. On social media, Generation Z is extremely concerned about aging.

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Some take it to the extreme, and would rather die than be thirty. The New York Post quoted one concerned Reddit user: “I have seen many members of Generation Z expressing their desire to no longer live in their 30s or 40s on various platforms, including Reddit and Instagram.”

Such statements came primarily from women. Their reasoning: “They can't deal with the fact that they're getting old and becoming unattractive or old boxes.”

Women do not save money because they believe that life ends after the age of thirty

But the whole thing goes further than that. “Some even expressed a lack of interest in healthy eating habits, saving money, or planning a career.”

A viral video from a young Tiktok user recently caused a stir. To show what her skin looks like at 28 without makeup, Botox and filters, she took close-up photos of herself.

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Tiktok/@courtneylillianball – A 28-year-old was flooded with negative comments for this video.

Then it was covered in negative comments. The teens wrote that their “biggest nightmare” was to look like this. Someone writes: “Wow, stay out of the sun, woman!”, or: “The sun ate you.”

Young people use Botox injections before the age of thirty

But no wonder: it is popular among boys – at least in the USA – to inject Botox as a preventive measure. Many people also have lip injections or wear so-called peels. This means that their natural teeth have been filed into butts so that they can then insert straight, white trays.

In addition, there are beauty filters and photo editing apps that are widely used on social media. In short: Many young women rarely come into contact with natural, unedited photos or videos of women online.

This obviously increases the pressure on Generation Z to always look beautiful and youthful. This is evidenced, among other things, by the presence of more than 600,000 videos on Tiktok with the hashtag #AntiAging.

Influencers show off living a luxurious life in their early 20s

But this pressure goes beyond appearances: there are also many influential figures who publicly celebrate the major successes they achieved at their young age.

An example in the USA is Kylie Jenner. Kim Kardashian's sister is only 26 years old, but she was already a billionaire and a mother in her early 20s. Obviously, the fact that she owes her success to her famous, wealthy family was quickly forgotten by viewers.

In Switzerland, we know the influential figure and businessman Yael Mayer. Like Jenner, she also belongs to Generation Z and was an entrepreneur and mother in her early 20s.

These success stories are part of everyday life online – and of course encourage people to compare themselves to themselves. This in turn leads to many posts like that of Tiktoker Gabriela, who feels very anxious: “I'm 29 years old, and the fear of my 30th birthday bothers me. I don't have children, I feel like I'm running out of time,” she admits.

However, older women are encouraging the younger generation online not to worry. “It's an honor to live another year. It's an honor to live another day, and it's an honor to be alive,” explains New York City influencer Ivanka DeKonning.