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Generation Z expects applications with live and interactive video

Generation Z expects applications with live and interactive video

According to a study, specific software solutions have already been created in entertainment and social media.

Generation Z wants more live, interactive videos in apps, according to a survey of 1,500 young people conducted by real-time engagement specialists Agora. The survey was conducted in the run-up to the “RTE2022” conference, where interactive live videos were discussed in detail.

React via chat or emoji

With live interactive video, audiences can respond via chat or emojis, and providers can interact with their audience in real time. 83 percent of respondents said they were familiar with the features of live interactive video prior to taking the survey. When asked about mobile apps that typically provide live interactive video capabilities, 75 percent are named apps like YouTube and TikTok, 74 percent are Facebook and Instagram, 51 percent are FaceTime and WhatsApp, and 50 percent are Twitch and Discord.

Mobile apps that typically don’t offer interactive live video capabilities are shopping apps like Amazon Live and Bambuser (33 percent), workplace apps like Zoom and Slack (30 percent), and education apps like Khan, according to the Academy and Quizlet (17) survey. percent), and health apps like ZocDoc and Doctors on Demand (13%).

Generation Z can be lost

“It is no surprise that entertainment and social media are at the forefront of the capabilities of live and interactive video. They have established interaction in live broadcasting, with Generation Z now anticipating them for all live video experiences. Given the value of interactive live broadcasting to younger audiences, categories of applications for Other mobile devices, from education to healthcare, are intent on incorporating these features.Tony Gao, CEO of Agora, warns that companies that don’t do so will lose out on Generation Z.