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Gas leaks in Australia have become a stinking fruit

In Australia, firefighters were forced to evacuate after a gas leak was reported. But it turned out to be a stinking fruit.

Summarize the essentials

  • The Australian Fire Brigade was said to have used gas.
  • An hour later it was revealed that there was no gas leak.
  • The stench came from the blowing fruit.

Australia has a strong odor of stinking fruit Fire Department Was called to the scene. Rescue workers flew to the capital, Canberra, on Friday following a gas leak in a shopping area.

She searched for an hour Fire Department According to their own information, it was wasted after the leak. Until they finally point out a possible reason for a resident to move from an apartment above the stores. This is called the stinking fruit Exotic durian fruit.

Prohibition on consumption on public transport

Durian is popular in Southeast Asian cuisine for its creamy texture and flesh Bitter taste Very popular.

Your enemies compare them The penetrating smell on the other hand With rotting garbage – or in this case with leaking gas. In many hotels and on public transportation, durian consumption is restricted by unpleasant odors.

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