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Gas leakage in the underwater pipeline creates an 'eye of fire' in the Gulf of Mexico

Gas leakage in the underwater pipeline creates an ‘eye of fire’ in the Gulf of Mexico

No, this isn’t the Eye of Sauron – it’s burning in the Gulf of Mexico right now 😳

Due to the gas leakage in the underwater pipeline, it is planned to go to the sea Mexico burnt. A fire 150 meters away in front of an oil rig at the Co-Mallop-Zaab oil production facility golf State-owned oil company Pemex said Mexico was removed five and a half hours later on Friday. A video purportedly showing the fire also circulated outside Mexico on social media – some Twitter users described the embers in the water as “the eye of fire”.

According to Pemex, there were no injuries and no one was taken to a safe location. The fire was extinguished from the ships and the valves connected in the pipeline were closed. She added that operations have returned to normal and the incident is being investigated. The head of the Asia Energy and Environment Authority, Angel Karizalis, wrote on Twitter that no oil had been leaked.

Pemex is one of the most indebted energy companies in the world. Due to a lack of investment in modern technology, Mexico’s oil production has been steadily declining for years. Former Pemex President Emilio Lozoya (2012-2016) was indicted on corruption charges last July Spain Shipped to Mexico.

In 1979, there was an oil outbreak on the Pemex drilling rig, with it estimated that at least half a million tons of oil would flow into the Gulf of Mexico over a period of about 300 days. There, too, in 2010 an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig leased by BP caused the largest environmental disaster of its kind to date. More than 1,000 kilometers of the coast were polluted, hundreds of thousands of animals died. (sda/dpa)

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