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Gary Barlow: Weeks in Australia with the Kids – What’s Behind It

Gary Barlow: Weeks in Australia with the Kids – What’s Behind It

Became the lead singer and songwriter of the band “Take That”. Gary Barlow (51) became world famous in the 1990s. Currently in Melbourne Biography “Better Man” Filmed to depict the early years of Barlow’s band members Robbie Williams (48) and other members of the “Tag That” group. Filming is in full swing in Australia. Now, not far from his British homeland, Gary Barlow was found in Sydney, where he was With his daughters Daisy (13) and Emily (19) enjoyed his time in different cafes, but still steel his body in the gym.

In the video above you can see Gary Barlow singing a duet with Robbie Williams.

The assumption that Barlow might have something to do with the film and even a small look was obvious. But the reason Barlow stayed in Sydney was completely different, according to the “” report.

Gary Barlow is on vacation

As an insider told the Australian Daily Mail, Barlow offered to act as a consultant “to make sure the story was told correctly”. The singer, who played British actor Jack Simmons in the film, will not accept a role in the film by any means. According to another source on, Barlow is enjoying a holiday under the Australian sun with his daughters.

The film stars Robbie Williams

Most of the members of “Take That” are played by younger actors. In character Howard Donald (54) Liam Head hatches. Jesse Hyde (24) plays Mark Owen (50) and actor Chase Wollenweeder (23) are in the picture Jason Orange See (51). Even though actor Jono Davis (29) starred in some scenes, only Robbie Williams will appear in the film due to a special anti-aging effect.