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Gareth Bale's dilemma - sports

Gareth Bale’s dilemma – sports

Available. This is Gareth Bale’s position ahead of the MLS North American Football League Final. Bale plays for LA Football Club and because Angelino is a hopeless romantic, they are all now dreaming of a scenario like the 2018 Champions League final: Gareth Bale came for Real Madrid in the 61st minute, scoring in each side pull and 40 metres. Strikes back to 2:1 and 3:1 against Liverpool. Oh, American football fans whisper to each other before the final against the Philadelphia Union on Saturday, precisely because Philadelphia goalkeeper Andre Blake is in great shape: Wouldn’t this be the perfect Hollywood end to this brief guest appearance?

Available, that word is an official term in American esports which means that a representative will likely be sent to the field, and that’s the problem. Because in the case of Bales, it means: he trains with the team, and he can also have time to play; However, he’s not 100 percent fit and can’t go through the entire shot due to a hijacker being injured. In the semi-final against Austin, Bale sat on the bench for 90 minutes because he didn’t need him in the 3-0 easy win.

Perhaps this suited him well, as he did not want the injury to get any worse. He wants to be available elsewhere: on November 21, when the Welsh national team will play the United States at the World Cup in Qatar. Herein lies the dilemma that awaits this end.

Gareth Bale, 33, only arrived in Los Angeles in the summer and the reason was clear from the start: he wanted to get back in shape for the World Cup, for which his native Wales had qualified for only the second time since 1958. Bale is captain. It was suspected that he would not get enough match training at his old club Real Madrid, and a short-term loan deal within Europe did not fit his plans, so a move to the USA to LA Football Club seemed like a win-win situation. : Bill is going to play and get fit. LAFC, which was already number one at the time, could continue to improve. And the league will be enriched by a single star player in the fall of his career: a celebrity ambitious enough to create a few amazing moments.

On August 7, Bill met for the last time

Bale has completed twelve matches so far and scored two goals. He hasn’t scored a goal since August 7, hasn’t started on the field since September 14, and hasn’t played a single minute in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the situation has turned into its opposite, into a lose-lose situation so to speak: Bale is not fit and has had no match training. Even without him, LAFC is the favorite in the final. And in the US, they debate whether bringing Bale to Los Angeles really makes sense, and whether Bale’s only goal is increasingly visible: not to make Los Angeles or the league shine, but to be available for the World Cup match against the USA. from all places.

Major League Soccer (MLS) has not completely abandoned the habit of bringing in elderly stars from Europe. That sometimes works: they are also very satisfied with LAFC’s 38-year-old Italian Giorgio Chiellini, in his case they don’t have to worry about the World Cup rest: Italy is not eligible for the World Cup, Chiellini did quit the national team. MLS clubs now prefer coaching American youth to move to Europe, and Bale’s move is a relic of a bygone era.

But there is hardly any debate, apart from fans and television experts. LAFC coach Stephen Chirondulo, known in Germany for his 370th game with Hannover 96 as a professional, emphasizes at every opportunity how professional Bale does. “We wanted to get it in match shape – I want to make sure we did it,” says manager John Thorington. “He knows his body, he knows the best way to get to the top,” Wales coach Rob Page said. As Bell himself noted during weekday training: Everything is fine.

So they are all happy and telling all skeptics the story of qualifying for the World Cup: Without match training, Gareth Bale scored the two goals against Austria in March, and in the match against Ukraine in June he was there despite a back problem. So take it easy. If LAFC needs a goal after 80 minutes on Saturday, everyone knows Gareth Bale is available.