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Gareth Bale: Why did I really move to the US - international football

Gareth Bale: Why did I really move to the US – international football

Gareth Bale will turn 33 on Saturday, but his move from Real Madrid to MLS side Los Angeles FC appears to have been the greatest gift the Welshman prematurely gave.

The attacking star cheered around his new club in louder tunes. He smiled at the official presentation at the California Stadium, saying: “The environment here is incredible. Everything you see is incredible. I hope that now I can do my part to help this club reach the next level.”


At a training camp in Cologne
Crazy winning dance for Baumgart!

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Bale was already on the field to claim a 3-2 home win against local rivals LA Galaxy, a perfect scenario for a debut in front of the crowd. His new teammates celebrated him, took a shower, and began singing fan hymns through the stadium megaphone. One could say that Belle appears free from royal shackles.

“It was one of the most exciting nights in a football match,” says now, who has won the Champions League five times with Real Madrid.

His contract in Los Angeles runs until June 2023, but the Welshman is considering continuing his career for a longer period: “I haven’t come here for twelve months, I’ve come here to stay as long as possible. I want to make my mark in this league.”

Bale wants to prepare as much as possible for the World Cup in Qatar, and also for the 2024 World Cup in Germany – and even then, it doesn’t necessarily have to be over. Bale: “This is not a short-term commitment. It gives me the opportunity to continue until the next European Championship – and maybe longer.”

The 32-year-old is sure MFL will be a sporting challenge: “This league has evolved over the past 10 years. I don’t think anyone thinks it’s a retirement league anymore. The weather is tough and travel is tough. Height. It’s much better than people in Europe think. Everything is getting better – it’s a rising league.”