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Gaming on Macs: Nvidia Improves GeForce Now for M1 Macs +++ "Disney Dreamlight Valley" announced |  News

Gaming on Macs: Nvidia Improves GeForce Now for M1 Macs +++ “Disney Dreamlight Valley” announced | News

Nvidia GeForce now gets M1 support
Nvidia has made its GeForce Now cloud gaming service suitable for Macs with an Apple silicon chip. From the new version 2.0.40, the associated app works natively on Apple computers with the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra. Previously, Nvidia’s software only ran on corresponding Macs with the help of the Rosetta 2 simulator, which was associated with a number of drawbacks, such as relatively long application start times.

Nvidia goes in associated Blog post On the improvements made by the original M1 support. According to the graphics card provider, the new version of GeForce Now significantly reduces the power requirements of the application, which is especially useful for Mac notebooks and battery life. Users also benefit from faster application startup times and generally better performance when running. The user experience has been greatly increased on M1 Mac devices such as MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac mini, according to the manufacturer. However, native M1 support has less impact on the actual gaming performance of titles available via GeForce Now than in other areas of the software, as the games available are executed in Nvidia data centers and transferred to the respective Mac via the cloud connection.

Other innovations in GeForce Now 2.0.40 include another way to find the right games faster. To this end, Nvidia has placed a “Genre” bar below the “Games” list, which customers can use to search for titles of their choice.

“Disney Dreamlight Valley” is also dedicated to Pixar fans
Speaking of games on the Mac: Software company Gameloft has announced an ambitious game that will not only be released for PC and consoles, but also for Apple computers. We’re talking about Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. In a mixture of role-playing and life simulation, players will meet many characters, locations, and other objects from the Disney and Pixar films, including “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cinderella,” and “Monsters, Inc.” And “The Lion King”, “WALL-E”, “Toy Story” and many others. A series such as DuckTales is also represented. The character can be designed according to the individual user’s wishes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will be released exclusively for Xbox in the summer of 2022 as an Early Access title. The final release will be released for Mac, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox in 2023, although no specific date has yet been set.