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Games and the Internet in moving Teslas can lead to a recall>

The US Traffic Safety Agency NHTSA has begun a preliminary investigation of nearly 580,000 Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y models from the years 2017 to 2022. According to a document it posted, this includes a “Passenger Play” function, which allows passengers to play games on a screen In the middle of all these electric cars are you driving. This could distract the driver, said the authority, which now wants to find out in its initial investigation how and how often the function is used.

Mercedes reconnects, not Tesla

Officially, the reason for the action is a report from the owner of the Model 3 to the authorities. Tesla now allows interactive video games and Internet use on the front seats while driving, it says in part in capital letters. NHTSA should ban both orders because it is “merciless negligence” to create dangerous driver distractions. with the Message from this Tuesday It was confirmed that the authorities are studying at least this possibility.

At the beginning of December, the New York Times had already reported on the subject, which NHTSA said was in contact with Tesla. In addition, the recall of the electric vehicle Mercedes EQS and the S-class in the United States became known around the same time. She added that the mbux infotainment system can enable the TV and Internet browser to be activated while driving, distracting the person behind the wheel. According to NHTSA, 227 vehicles were affected, but they don’t have to go to the workshop: Mercedes has updated its servers to correct this.

This sounds a lot like a Tesla that is expected to be called a Model S to a Model Y. This would also likely happen without a workshop visit, because Tesla sends out software with much broader changes regularly by radio. However, unlike Tesla, Mercedes appears to consider the possibility of actively using the screen while driving a mistake: this was observed in an in-house test car in Germany and could be traced back to an incorrect server configuration, according to Register with NHTSA. Because a security risk could not be ruled out, it was decided to call back.

Multistage process at NHTSA

On the other hand, NHTSA’s preliminary investigation into Tesla, after confirming the talks at the beginning of December, indicates that these were not satisfactory to the authority. According to their information, Tesla’s video games only operated in a stalled mode until a software update at the end of 2020. Before NHTSA can force a recall, it will have to complete the initial ongoing procedures and conduct a more detailed technical investigation – and to the end, Tesla still has the option to start Proposed recall as voluntary. more than A software update will be needed again Not.