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Gamers should check out this Linux distro

Gamers should check out this Linux distro

Nitrux is a distro that already has all the components needed to play on Linux and is now available in the latest version Nitrox 3.5 (“CX”) Back. The open OS has a system core optimized for gaming and multimedia for low system latency, as well as its own ergonomics Desktop NXbased on KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS.

Especially stable and up-to-date version for gamers

With Nitrux 3.5 (“CX”), one of the latest Linux distributions ever was released, which, unlike the so-called rolling release, which is constantly updated, follows a fixed release cycle. Nitrux version 3.5 is also one of the first “stable” operating systems of this type based on Linux 6.8. Traditionally, the operating system kernel is specially adapted for games and multimedia Licorex For use, which was delivered in version 6.8.12. But other components address gamers as well.

Source: Nitrox

All the relevant tools, drivers, environments and frameworks necessary to play in Linux are already up to date as delivered and therefore optimized and pre-configured. The system runs XWayland 24.1.0 and Qt 5.15 and felt fast, clean, and smooth to boot during our test installation. Installation is very easy with the easy to use graphical installation routine.

The latest Mesa graphics package is already pre-installed

Nitrux 3.5 (“CX”). Play demo Nvidia Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) 555.42.02 is here.

The inner desktop is only one layer

Although Nitrux 3.5 (“CX”) comes with an internal desktop environment, called NX Desktop, it is merely a heavily customized layer of KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS. The user interface, menus and buttons look very consistent and modern, and the switch to KDE Plasma 6 will be made in one of the upcoming releases. Applications can be installed easily, quickly and conveniently via the internal NX Software Center.

Nitrox 3.5
Source: Nitrox

Software packages relevant to gamers, such as Steam, OBS Studio or Discord, are already pre-installed at the factory and can be supplemented with more than 60,000 applications from the repositories.

A good foundation for playing under Linux

Specifically for gamers, Nitrux 3.5 (“CX”) offers a very modern platform based on the following components:

Nitrox 3.5 (“CX”) platform.

  • Linux 6.8
  • KDE Plasma 5.27.11 LTS
    • KDE Frameworks 5.115.0
    • Kiddie Gear 24.05.0
    • Qt 5.15.13
  • Mesa 3D 24.1.0

Official authorities provide more information Release notes Plus a review of the Linux distribution and YouTube channel CodingBiteWhich was still implemented with version 3.4. Gamers should keep an eye on this Linux distribution.

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