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Game sequel 14 years later

Game sequel 14 years later

Square Enix today launches NEO: The World Ends with You, the sequel to the popular Nintendo DS game from the 2000s.

The basics in brief

  • In 2007, “The World Ends with You”, a Japanese cult game, was released for the Nintendo DS.
  • Now developer Square Enix is ​​offering a sequel for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • The game, which is inspired by Japanese street style, takes place in the Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo.

Hist “New: The World Ends With You” Latest RPG By developer Square Enix. But this is a sequel: the first game that was also played in the Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo is for them nintendo DS since 2007.

In the new game Heroes Rindo and Fret find themselves forced into the underground in Tokyo. In this bleak world they become part of the “reaper game”. The different tasks they have to complete lead them through the colorful and lively shopping district of Shibuya.

The cartoon style is heavily inspired by Japanese street style. There are many references to Shibuya’s youth culture in the game. What the characters eat and wear is not just cosmetics, it has a real effect تأثير On combat mechanics.

“NEO: The World Ends with You” was released today, July 27, for Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch. A PC version should follow soon.

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