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Galaxus sells DM products at exorbitant prices

Galaxus sells DM products at exorbitant prices

Galaxus brings German pharmacy DM to Switzerland. There are now 300 products for sale online – albeit at exorbitant prices!

The basics in brief

  • Galaxus and German DM Pharmacy are working together.
  • 300 products are now available for sale from the Swiss giant online.
  • However, the products sometimes cost three times as much.

DM is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Europe. Now comes the giant Also in Switzerland – but only online for now, via Galaxus. “We are very pleased to be working with DM,” says Florian Totberg, CEO. Digitech Galaxy.

The online retailer has had beauty and health products in its range since 2017. Thanks to the exclusive partnership, an even greater range of products can be offered to customers, says Tuttberg with pleasure.

There are currently 300 selected DM brands in the store. These are the German drugstore cosmetic brands in demand in Switzerland: Balea, Balea Men, alverde Naturkosmetik and ebelin.

Continued expansion of the range is planned with more DM products by the end of the year.

Do you think markup on DM products is justified?

DM products sometimes cost three times as much

But watch out: a dealChase Not trendy – on the contrary. While regular liquid soap from Balea in Germany is equivalent to 1.30 Franken Costs, it’s a whopping 3.55 at Galaxus Franken. Shampoo and conditioner cost twice that on average.

Galaxus justifies the additional cost with “the additional costs incurred through importing into Switzerland, customs clearance and warehousing”.

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