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US President Joe Biden is currently on a tour of Europe. Today he is with NATO in Brussels. After Donald Trump’s transatlantic ice age, Biden would like to reunite the so-called “West”. This message was also heard at the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, England this weekend. Above all, the US President urged us to jointly change the tone toward China. So did the G7 – they agreed on the “cooperation and refusal” line. In their final document, they criticized the People’s Republic more clearly than it had been for a long time. China responded immediately.

B3W – a huge name, a big project

The rich industrial countries do not want to leave the field only to China. That is why the G7 countries are also planning a counter project to China’s gigantic infrastructure project – the New Silk Road. But the G7 wants the big hit at the suggestion of the United States. Many billions, or even trillions, must go into building infrastructure in poor countries – all under the banner of B3W – rebuilding a better world. We talk about this with Fridolin Strack, Head of International Markets at the Confederation of German Industries.

Elon Musk and Bitcoin

Some adore Tesla founder Elon Musk for being a brilliant businessman. People who are interested in cryptocurrency and speculate with it now see the 49-year-old in a more awkward way. Because he often changed his mind about the supposed future currency.

Try Schalke through the bonds

In Europe, Euro 2020 is currently being rescheduled. The Bundesliga is taking a break first. But next season is already being worked on in the background. For example, with relegation in the first division: Werder Bremen and Schalke 04. Relegation to the second division costs the clubs not only the reputation of the fans, but also the income that they urgently need. The two clubs are now trying to reintroduce funds through bonds. After Werder Bremen, Schalke 04 now also follows this path. Investors have been able to subscribe to the bonds since yesterday. The conditions are tempting.

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