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Future iPhones will have always-on screens

Future iPhones will have always-on screens

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apple It seems to work always showing for his coming Iphonegenerations. As Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman wrote in his newsletter, mentionedFuture iPhones should have this display feature. The time, date, and notifications should be displayed even though the screen is off.

According to Gorman, it should work similarly to Apple Watch Series 5where one View LPTO (mean: low temperature polycrystalline oxide), the refresh rate increases 1 Hz It goes down when the screen is not being used.

stronger chip

For many Android devices, the always-on screen has always been a common thing. According to Gorman, Apple initially wanted it for the sake of it iPhone 14 Pro and mePhone 14 Pro Max Make it available. According to Gurman, the devices will also be equipped with the new A16 chip.

The next generation iPhone operating system, iOS 16According to Gorman, background images that have gadget-like capabilities should also be brought in.

Developers Conference

Apple is likely to announce this and other news about the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 16 within a week from today onwards 6th of Junein the keynote speech to start his developer conference WWDC Present.