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Full refresh benchmarks for 65W CPU leaked

Full refresh benchmarks for 65W CPU leaked

After Intel introduced its first Core 14000 processors in the fall, missing models are expected to follow at CES in January. In line with this, leaks about latecomers have increased recently. For example, there are now preliminary performance values ​​in Geekbench 6 for all upcoming 65W TDP CPUs, and the leak, which includes the Core i9-14900, Core i7-14700, Core i5-14600/14500/14400, and Core i3 -14100 processors, has some surprises. .

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CPUs tested on different platforms sometimes perform much better than their immediate predecessors. According to Wccftech, the parameters collected are the best values, so they can still get a few percent with the usual spread. But even then the progress in performance will still surprise.

On a single core, for example, said processors typically increase by 11 to 12 percent, with the Core i7-14700 (8 percent) and Core i5-14600 (15 percent) being outliers. This will be a little more than you would expect with the slight upgrade of the watch to the new generation. But things get even weirder in the multi-core Geekbench 6 benchmark.

Within the expected range are the Core i9-14900 with a 5 percent increase and the Core i7-14700, which is said to be 25 percent faster with four additional electronic cores. All other models can also record a multi-core performance increase of between 22 and 31 percent, although the core configurations are the same and clock speeds are not significantly higher.

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Since these are leaks, errors in the results cannot of course be ruled out. It is also possible that Intel, for example, has improved the dynamic clock behavior or less important clock speed of the electronic cores. However, it would be unusual for such a high performance increase. So it will be interesting to see how well the new Core 14000 models end up performing.

source: Wccftech