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From within Biontech |  Podcast Economy |  DW

From within Biontech | Podcast Economy | DW

In Europe, nearly a third of the population has now been vaccinated against Covid 19. In contrast, the battle against the Coronavirus in Africa is very similar to the marathon that has just begun. There are hardly any vaccines, so there is a risk of further waves of infection. The type of Indian virus has already been detected in many countries, fueling fear of a dangerous outbreak.

The USA approves Biontech for teens 12 years of age and over

Unlike Africa, nearly 60% of the US population has been vaccinated against Covid 19 at least once. However, there are still no vaccines for children and adolescents under the age of 16. It’s been different since Monday, as reported by Kathryn Brandt from Washington.

Europe’s youth are waiting for admission

Vaccines are still only approved for people over the age of 16 in Europe. But that could change soon. In Germany, young people can look forward to a more relaxed new school year.

Biontech’s Golden Times

For years, employees of German pharmaceutical company Biontech have researched MRNA. With the global vaccination campaign, that commitment is paying off financially now. This is evidenced by the numbers announced by the company on Monday.

Exclusive: Interview with Biontech’s Production Director

Ultimate care is vital in pharmaceutical production. Last week, US authorities had to withdraw several million doses of vaccine from Johnson & Johnson due to all kinds of negligence and the supplier’s plant shutdown in Baltimore. Things go better at Biontech. The company will ship up to 50 million doses of the vaccine sooner than planned in Europe. This is possible, among other things, because a new plant in Marburg was operational in a very short time. An interview with the production director there, Valleska Schilling.

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